Tuesday, 24 December 2013

THE INCOMPLETIST - Christmas Wishlist

Usually, The Incompletist is about things I want to own on DVD but can't get.  And by usually, I mean that one time I did The Incompletist.  However, with Christmas about to hit us again, I thought I'd post a "Christmas Wishlist".  Things I don't own on DVD, not because I can't get them, but rather because I just haven't got them yet.  Perfect for gifts!  (He hints, knowing that he hasn't left enough time for anyone to get them.  So here they are in no particular alphabetical order:
Archer - Season 2.

Coupling - Series 4

Dexter - Season 8.

Game of Thrones - Season 2.

The IT Crowd - Series 3

The IT Crowd - The Internet is Coming.

Justified - Season 4

Luther - Series 3.

Veep - Season 1.
~ DUG.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Series 1

"Good Cop/Bad Cop"
  • Hank and Marie are involved in a little role playing in the bedroom.  It doesn't end well.

"Wedding Day"
  • On Hank and Marie's wedding day Hank makes a confession to Walt.

  • A documentary about Jesse's the band TwaüghtHammër.

"Marie's Confession"
  • Marie films herself on the advice of her therapist.
  • Probably occurs after the series 1 final.

"The Break-In"
  • Walt needs Badger's help breaking into an old lady's house.

"Fallacies" by TwaüghtHammër
  • Video clip.

Series 2

  • The cartoon of Jesse's comic book.

Better Call Saul

"Another Satisfied Client: Badger"
  • Occurs after Season 2 episode 8: "Better Call Saul".

"Another Satisfied Client: Wendy"
  • Occurs after Season 2 episode 3: "Bit by a Bee".

"Another Satisfied Client: “Saul Better Help My Moms"

  • Arrested in a car with drugs and firearms?  Better call Saul.

"Another Satisfied Client: Carl"

  • Divorcing?  You know what to do.

"Saul Says: Sue ‘Em Now"

  • How can you get a multi-million dollar pay out?

"Tiger Trouble? Better Call Saul!"

  • How do you deal with the legal obligations of owning a tiger?

"Letters to Saul:  Did I Kill An Old Man?"

  • More legal advice.

"Live Saul Cam"

  • Live Saul Cam.

"Better Call Saul: Fighting For You"

  • Fighting based law suits.

"Better Call Saul: Fatty Fat Fat"

  • Overweight?  Who can you sue?

"Better Call Saul:  Wayfarer 515"

  • Occurs after Season 2 final.

~ DUG.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Looking at my compulsion to collect DVDs... like movies I don't want to own, even to complete the set.

Being a completist I want the complete set of stuff I own on DVD.  But some times I don't like a film or season... but not owning it bugs me.  This is my attempt to exorcise the completist demons by sharing why I don't want certain discs in my collection.

Part of my completist urge is I don't like incomplete box sets.  You know, the "Season 1 to 3" of a 5 season series.  One exception is Scrubs.  I was happy to buy the Season 1 - 8 box set of Scrubs (Scrubs: The Complete Seasons 1-8) and not to buy Season 9 (Scrubs: The Complete Ninth and Final Season).

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


The Hour is about the creation and making of "The Hour" a series news show for the BBC in the mid 50s.

Sunday, 1 December 2013


This series of blogs is designed to look at a TV show (or perhaps movie series) but a completed show or movie series.  To look at the whole thing from a completist's point of view.

It is designed to look at the when a show "got good", if it went bad and whether it came back.  It also looks, briefly at the ending (without spoilers) to say whether there was resolution or if the destination was worth the journey.

~ DUG.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

THE INCOMPLETIST - Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

DVDs I want to own but cannot find.  This time:  Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006), a post modern part-mocumentary slasher flick/slasher parody.


DVDs I want to own, but can't find.

This blog is to detail the films and series that I want to own but cannot get on DVD.  If you see a copy around, send me details in comments.  Just remember the following guidelines:

  • Must be Region 4 friendly.  Maybe my DVD player or computer's player allows other regions, but some of them let you change a couple of times before locking on a region and I don't want that.  And I don't want to take a DVD around to a friends to watch and find that their player won't play it.  This means if you can find it outside Oceania/South & Central America I probably won't be interest.
  • Although I haven't really moved to Blu-ray yet (the thought that I might start to want to convert my entire collection scares my wallet), I'd consider it for films/shows.  However, the region rule applies (must be Region B).
  • Used is fine.  Ex-rental also good.  As long as it's playable, obviously.
  • Foreign release is fine, as long as region rules apply and it's in English if it originally was or has English subs if it was originally in a foreign language.
  • It price has to be reasonable.  I don't need cheap copies, these are things I'm really interested in owning.  However, some stupidly high price because the DVD is discontinued isn't going to cut it.

Incompletist Posts

~ DUG.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

THE EXTRAS COMPLETIST - Doctor Who (2005 series)


"Oh, it was a complete treat! It was always frustrating that we never got to see more of him! The completist in me… the ‘box set man’ in me wants every box ticked and I wanted every regeneration scene!"
~ Steven Moffat.


The thing about being a DVD & TV completist isn't just buying stuff to complete your DVD collection. It's also about tracking down every episode, every webisode, everything you can. This blog is about trying to find as many of these extras and logging them as possible.

~ DUG.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

BREAKING THE COMPLETIST - Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Looking at my compulsion to collect DVDs... like movies I don't want to own, even to complete the set.

Every odd numbered Star Trek film sucks, they say.  But they usually have all the films in their Star Trek collection.

I don't fully agree with that rule, but I do have Star Trek films that I don't like.  And I have stopped myself from buying them.  But when I look at my DVD collection it hurts.  One of the gaps is Star Trek: The Motion Picture...


I first really noticed it with comics.  The comic book hasn't been good for over a year, but you've collected the last 12 issues because you have everything from #1.  Part of you is hoping they'll cancel the comic just so you can stop collecting it.

Watching a show you no longer like, year after year, because it's a spin-off of a show you love is one thing.  That just wastes time and brain-cells.  But what about buying it?

People always tell me that X is the worst Bond of the lot... but they have all the Bond films.  That a show was no good after Y left... but they have the final seasons.  What is it that compels us to not only spend time watching things we no longer like, but to spend money and shelf space to own a copy of it?

I have no answers, but I'm going share my experiences with being and with fighting being a completist.

*Breaking the Completist* posts will deal with those DVD I have managed to avoid buying part of the deliberate holes in my collection.  A victory against my completist tendencies but also an ongoing battle as it hurts every time I notice that I don't have the complete set of something.

~ DUG.