Tuesday, 24 December 2013

THE INCOMPLETIST - Christmas Wishlist

Usually, The Incompletist is about things I want to own on DVD but can't get.  And by usually, I mean that one time I did The Incompletist.  However, with Christmas about to hit us again, I thought I'd post a "Christmas Wishlist".  Things I don't own on DVD, not because I can't get them, but rather because I just haven't got them yet.  Perfect for gifts!  (He hints, knowing that he hasn't left enough time for anyone to get them.  So here they are in no particular alphabetical order:
Archer - Season 2.

Coupling - Series 4

Dexter - Season 8.

Game of Thrones - Season 2.

The IT Crowd - Series 3

The IT Crowd - The Internet is Coming.

Justified - Season 4

Luther - Series 3.

Veep - Season 1.
~ DUG.

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