Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Series 1

"Good Cop/Bad Cop"
  • Hank and Marie are involved in a little role playing in the bedroom.  It doesn't end well.

"Wedding Day"
  • On Hank and Marie's wedding day Hank makes a confession to Walt.

  • A documentary about Jesse's the band TwaüghtHammër.

"Marie's Confession"
  • Marie films herself on the advice of her therapist.
  • Probably occurs after the series 1 final.

"The Break-In"
  • Walt needs Badger's help breaking into an old lady's house.

"Fallacies" by TwaüghtHammër
  • Video clip.

Series 2

  • The cartoon of Jesse's comic book.

Better Call Saul

"Another Satisfied Client: Badger"
  • Occurs after Season 2 episode 8: "Better Call Saul".

"Another Satisfied Client: Wendy"
  • Occurs after Season 2 episode 3: "Bit by a Bee".

"Another Satisfied Client: “Saul Better Help My Moms"

  • Arrested in a car with drugs and firearms?  Better call Saul.

"Another Satisfied Client: Carl"

  • Divorcing?  You know what to do.

"Saul Says: Sue ‘Em Now"

  • How can you get a multi-million dollar pay out?

"Tiger Trouble? Better Call Saul!"

  • How do you deal with the legal obligations of owning a tiger?

"Letters to Saul:  Did I Kill An Old Man?"

  • More legal advice.

"Live Saul Cam"

  • Live Saul Cam.

"Better Call Saul: Fighting For You"

  • Fighting based law suits.

"Better Call Saul: Fatty Fat Fat"

  • Overweight?  Who can you sue?

"Better Call Saul:  Wayfarer 515"

  • Occurs after Season 2 final.

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