Tuesday, 12 November 2013


I first really noticed it with comics.  The comic book hasn't been good for over a year, but you've collected the last 12 issues because you have everything from #1.  Part of you is hoping they'll cancel the comic just so you can stop collecting it.

Watching a show you no longer like, year after year, because it's a spin-off of a show you love is one thing.  That just wastes time and brain-cells.  But what about buying it?

People always tell me that X is the worst Bond of the lot... but they have all the Bond films.  That a show was no good after Y left... but they have the final seasons.  What is it that compels us to not only spend time watching things we no longer like, but to spend money and shelf space to own a copy of it?

I have no answers, but I'm going share my experiences with being and with fighting being a completist.

*Breaking the Completist* posts will deal with those DVD I have managed to avoid buying part of the deliberate holes in my collection.  A victory against my completist tendencies but also an ongoing battle as it hurts every time I notice that I don't have the complete set of something.

~ DUG.

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