Tuesday, 26 November 2013


DVDs I want to own, but can't find.

This blog is to detail the films and series that I want to own but cannot get on DVD.  If you see a copy around, send me details in comments.  Just remember the following guidelines:

  • Must be Region 4 friendly.  Maybe my DVD player or computer's player allows other regions, but some of them let you change a couple of times before locking on a region and I don't want that.  And I don't want to take a DVD around to a friends to watch and find that their player won't play it.  This means if you can find it outside Oceania/South & Central America I probably won't be interest.
  • Although I haven't really moved to Blu-ray yet (the thought that I might start to want to convert my entire collection scares my wallet), I'd consider it for films/shows.  However, the region rule applies (must be Region B).
  • Used is fine.  Ex-rental also good.  As long as it's playable, obviously.
  • Foreign release is fine, as long as region rules apply and it's in English if it originally was or has English subs if it was originally in a foreign language.
  • It price has to be reasonable.  I don't need cheap copies, these are things I'm really interested in owning.  However, some stupidly high price because the DVD is discontinued isn't going to cut it.

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~ DUG.

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