Friday, 12 August 2016

BREAKING THE COMPLETIST - The New Star Trek Universe

Looking at my compulsion to collect DVDs... like movies I don't want to own, even to complete the set.

Every odd Star Trek film sucks, they say.  But they usually have all the films in their Star Trek collection.  A lot of them also hate the new Star Trek timeline film.  I don't want to own them, but not for the usual reasons...

When I started this blog, the first two of these films where already released and the third has recently come out at the time of writing.  Quality aside - all have good and bad points, but (IMHO) none fall to the level of three films I've already bitched about:

My plan was, maybe, to move on to Blu-ray for these films, but as time has gone on buying physical media has seemed less and less something worth doing.  These there films aren't going to be in my collection because I don't like them (although, Into Darkness may come close) but because I'm not really interested in collecting these things anymore.  So maybe I am cured of these obsession now... or maybe just for buying DVDs and such... I guess we'll see.

~ DUG.

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