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THE COMPLETE SERIES - The Sopranos (1999 - 2007)

Looking at my compulsion to collect DVDs... and a complete series I own.

The Sopranos was a TV series about a crime boss, his family life and his psychiatrist.

The Sopranos

1999 - 2007.
Length:  5 seasons of 13 episodes and a final season of two parts of 12 and 8 episodes. (86 episodes) 
Ending:  Wraps things up, but an ambiguous ending.
Creator:  David Chase.
Cast:  Many and changing.

Season 1 - 5 (1999 - 2002, 2004)

A solid first 5 seasons, that you've probably heard a lot about already.  Characters die or leave to be replaced by similar characters.  There's development and growth, but a little repetitious in later season but still solid.

Season 6 part 1 & 2 (2006 & 2007)

Season 6 was created to be the final, and as often happens, it shows as they wind down and cull characters.  It also pulls a Seinfeld final - telling you how horrible the characters you've grown to love are.  The final moments are much talked about, but if you're expecting no resolution it sort of makes sense.

The first episode tells you all you need to know.

The Viewing:
Great for marathoning, sesaon by season or all at once.

Come on, it was the benchmark for quality television when it was on and ushered in TV's new "golden age."

As noted, it perhaps goes on a little too long, but still worth watching, the final season falls apart a little, but stick with it.

The Ending:
Again, as noted, it was controversial, ambiguous and lacked closure, but sort of makes sense.

Watch it if...
You like HBO drama series, like The Wire.

~ DUG.

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