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Looking at my compulsion to collect DVDs... and things I need to fight buying.

Life Support was an Australian TV series that showed on SBS from 2001 - 2003.

As is the way with this game, I own the first two series on DVD, but not the third.  And, obviously, I don't want to own the third.

Series 1 cast.

Life Support was a dark parody of lifestyle programmes full of black and politically incorrect humour.  It featured four specialist hosts: Sigourney, Dr Rudi, Todd and Penne.  Between series 1 & 2, Penne (originally played by Abbie Cornish) was recast (to be played by Alison Barnes).  It was a clean swap, with the actresses looking so similar that many people finding it difficult to believe that a change had ever occurred, although in the show Todd did think something was up (leading to a replay of clips of Penne from series 1, refilmed with the new Penne.)

Series 2 cast

Then came the third and final series.  Alison Barnes stayed on as Penne.  The original Sigourney (Rachael Coopes) returned as well, but wore a really horrible fake wig.  And Todd and Dr Rudi were recast.  Todd's Brendan Cowell was replaced with the shallow imitation, Duncan Fellows, without mention.  Dr Rudi, however, was more complex.  Dr Rudi, it was said, had had plastic surgery, however, there were ongoing hints that the real Dr Rudi was out there somewhere, leading to his return in the final.  However, by this time I'd given up.  The cast changes were annoying and like many ideas it may have run out of steam, and the Dr Rudi subplot was just a sign of it - the show had always had a light ongoing storyline under it, but nothing too strong.  The final series, needed the ongoing story line to keep people interested.

Series 3 cast

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