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THE COMPLETE SERIES - The Games (1998 - 2000)

Looking at my compulsion to collect DVDs... and a complete series I own.

A mocumentary series about setting up and running the Sydney Olympics.

The following may contain very mild spoilers, although it tries to avoid doing so.  The "The Ending" section will mention if a show had a resolution or a cliffhanger (but no description of what happens).

The Games

1998 & 2000.

Length:  2 series of 13 half hour episodes each (26 epsiodes) 
Ending:  Nice closure..
Think:  2012 done years earlier and better.
Creator:  John Clarke (The Fast Lane) & Ross Stevenson.
Cast:  John Clarke, Bryan Dawe, Gina Riley & Nicholas Bell.
Days in the life of the "Head of Administration & Logistics", for the Sydney Olympics and the the stupidity of bureaucracy.

Series 1

The team learns how to better press conferences, courts tobacco sponsorship, a 100 meters track which isn't quite 100 meters, what should or shouldn't be counted as a sport, Y2K, the demands of the US basketball team and transport.

Series 2

The team deals with transportation again - at a meeting now one can attend due to transportation problems - and with making them Sydney Olympics the green games, corruption, conmen, and the availablity of entertainment for the openning ceremony.

The Run:

Most episodes are self-contained, reflecting the stubborn and repetitive nature of bureaucracy.

The Viewing:

Probably best watched in short bursts of 3 -5 episodes..


Brillantly funny throughout.


No real criticisms of the show.  Some of the guests are a bit hammy taking away from the reality, but that's about it.

The Ending:

Nice solid joke to end the series.  There were plans to do a series for London, but they fell through.

Watch It If...

...Mocumentaries like Veep or The Thick of It, comedies about the insanity of bureaucracy like Yes, Minister or smart Australian comedy like Frontline.
~ DUG.

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