Sunday, 14 December 2014


Looking at my compulsion to collect DVDs... and things I need to fight buying.

This is a hard one.  I love the series Coupling (Coupling - The Complete Seasons 1-4) but I dislike the forth and final series.  I've turned around on it a little but do I want to own it?

I'm a massive fan of Steven Moffat and his shows, especially the first 3 series of Coupling, but my favourite character is Jeff and Jeff is missing from series 4 (Coupling - The Complete Fourth Season).
  Oliver is an OK replacement, but he isn't Jeff.  It's the old story the not-quite-as-good replacement character bringing the show down.  The inclusion of Oliver means the replacement of Julia with Tamsin which is fine but Jane's change from a slow burn interest in Jeff into a sudden interest in Oliver hurts a little.

Meanwhile, the center of the show - Steve and Susan's relationship has become a little dull, with the pregnancy sucking the life out of it, with the horrible pairing of Patrick and Sally from the previous series replacing it.

It's just one of those shows that went on past its best days and suffered from change of cast.  However the hate I once had for it has mellowed and it even appeared on my Christmas Wishlist from last year... but I still don't know.

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