Saturday, 16 August 2014


Exploring my DVD collection and my addiction to owning complete sets. A search to find extra material online for TV shows and movies... 

Misfits is a UK series about a group of young offenders doing community service who gain super powers.  The following may contain spoilers for the show.

Series 1

Footage filmed by Simon.

  • Nathan can't find his drugs.

  • An invisible Simon films Kelly and Alisha.
  • Kelly tries to find a way to inhibit her powers.
Not Aquaman
  • Nathan attempts to discover his power.
  • A compilation of footage Simon edited together for Kelly.

Series 2

Nathan in his grave (all take place prior to episode 1)

I Spy
The Fly

Footage from the Community Centre's CCTV.

Series 3

Vegas Baby
  • A prequel to season 3.

  • A short episode.

Series 4

The Misfits Series 4 as done by puppets.

Strung Out 1
Strung Out 2
Strung Out 3
Strung Out 4
Strung Out 5
Strung Out 6

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