Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Exploring my DVD collection and my addiction to owning complete sets. Let's look at how the posts are going...

My ten posts on this blog that get have the lowest average weekly traffic.

Why a bottom 10 and not a top ten?  Surely showcasing the better, more popular blogs would be smarter?  I've never been one to equate popularity with quality.  Sure, some may be popular because they are quality, so may be popular because they contain the words "Doctor Who" and so get more hits.  But the popular ones are already getting traffic, the unpopular ones are the ones that need the boost.
There are two main ways to determine popularity (or a lack of) total views or the average weekly views.  Now, the total views favours the older posts.  One view a week for a twenty weeks is gets better results an entry from last week that gets nineteen views.  I don't like that idea.  So, I've gone for a weekly average.  That does preference newer posts that have the burst of views from their first week... but isn't as skewed.  Any anyway, if they do that badly, their results will have settled down by the next time I do this.
At this stage I've done 21 posts (a few more with meta stuff, but I'm excluding them), but I'm excluding the too new 21st post, and concentrating on the first twenty.  As such these bottom twenty are half the posts, it's not like all of them have done too badly.
The list goes from lowest average (10) to best (1)

10.  The Incompletist - Christmas Wishlist.

  • A list of things I'm missing and need to get myself.

9.  Breaking the Completist - Intolerably Cruelty.

  • A Coen Brothers' film I don't want to own.

8.  The Complete Series - The Hour.

  • Why you should watch The Hour.

7.  The Extras Completist - Breaking Bad.

  • The Season 1 & 2 minisodes for Breaking Bad.

6.  The Incompletist - The Inside Story.

  • An small Australian film that is only available online.

5.  Completist Rant - Changing Case Design.

  • A pet hate.

4.  The Complete Series - The West Wing.

  • Why you should watch The West Wing.

3.  The Incompletist - Behind the Mask:  The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

  • A film no longer available on DVD in Australia.

2.  The Complete Series - The Wire.

  • Why you should watch The Wire.

1.  Breaking the Completist - Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

  • A Star Trek film I don't want to own.
~ DUG.

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