Tuesday, 18 February 2014


DVDs I want to own but don't exist: Underworld, a 6 part 1997 British TV serial about an ordinary guy who gets dragged into the funny and dangerous world of Cockney/Mockney crime.

Status:  Probably Once Available in the UK, but discontinued.

Synopsis:  William Smith is a teacher who's life falls apart when his new bride leaves him... but things get worse when he becomes a victim of crime and ends up dragged into the middle of a war between two crime bosses.

Reviews:  The Indie Pedant.

Why:  It's like an early Guy Ritchie film without trying to be ultra-cool.  Which is explained by the fact that it's by Andy Hamilton.

The Search:  If you're in the UK and have internet access (and how are you reading this if you don't have internet access?) then you can watch in online at 4oD (Channel 4 On Demand).
If you're not in the UK and don't want to trick the system into thinking you are or - like me - want to own it on DVD ('cause that is the point of these posts) then problems occur.
As noted above at least one review site believes it was once available in the UK.  As the "clip" above shows, it's hard to find anything on it.  Wikipedia doesn't have an article on it and Wikipedia has some really strange stuff.  IMDb has a very limited entry, and 5 reviews: 4 begging to know if you can get it on DVD, one pointing out the availability on 4oD.
~ DUG.

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